Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan

Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan

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Brand Melona-HA Serum 
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Quantity 30 ML
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Product Description

Order Online Original Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan Price 2999-PKR

Renews and saturates the skin. It is used for all skin types. Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan is the ideal mix of dynamic fixings to assist with tissue fix and renew supplements the skin needs to feel smooth and hydrated. Skin changes are among the most apparent indications of maturing. Proof of expanding age incorporates wrinkles and hanging skin. Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan 5% is the ideal mix of dynamic elements for skin's saturating and hydration.

Manufactured By: Crystallite Pharmaceuticals

Melona-HA Serum | Hydration | Anti-aging | Firmness


In this passage, Hyaluronic corrosive with low sub-atomic weight permits superior skin nourishment by giving a component.

First and foremost, The cancer prevention agent properties of low atomic weight hyaluronic Corrosive safeguard the skin from the activity of free extremists included.

Furthermore, The Palmitoyl Pentapeptides consolidated to the Hyaluronic Corrosive demonstration at the same time to neutralize the normal piece of maturing interaction of the skin.

Thirdly, They reenact the "grid" layer in the skin, fundamentally collagen and fibronectin. Also, The deficiency of collagen prompts more slenderness.


Hyaluronic Corrosive assumes a significant part in tissue parchedness, oil, and cell capability. It is delivered in the body normally, in any case, throughout the time, likewise with all nutrients and supplements in the body, the amalgamation of Hyaluronic Corrosive lessens.


Hyaluronic Corrosive weight low atomic weight keeps from harsh water misfortune and keeps up with water in the dermis.

Ingredients & Working of Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan


Hyaluronic corrosive attempts to keep each part of skin stable defended and continually re-established.


  • Quit listing skin.
  • Work very much like superficial restorative systems.


  • Further, develop skin delicate quality and versatility.
  • It Lets tingling and redness free from the skin.
  • Decreases wrinkles.

How to use Melona-HA Serum 30ML?

  1. Apply 5 to 7 drops of Melona-HA to the face, neck, right off the bat, and chest utilizing fingertips and it helps the mechanization of the skin.
  2. Furthermore, Apply to scrubbed skin in the morning before sunscreen and cosmetics application.
  3. Enhanced with vitamin B5 and known to assist with tissue fix, Melona-HA recharged supplements the skin needs to feel smooth and hydrated.

2 review for "Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan"

Anoushey - Sep-26-2022

I'm 25 and I'm very happy with the way my skin looks. I've tried several products in their line. I use this along with L'Oreal"s eye cream and moisturizer. Highly recommended!!

ali - Jul-25-2023

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